Meditation to balance mind & body

YSK provides a special technique for Meditation to improve to balance mind & body. Meditation is a best medication to bring stable, calm, peaceful, & pleasant.

Meditation is a mental exercise in which we direct our mind to think inward by controlling our sense organs to external stimulation. By this the mind can be direct to perform more useful & fruitful functions. The Constant practice of meditation helps that one can also develop voluntary control over various involuntary functions of the can learn to stabilize their emotional changes. A person can attain superconscious by meditation!


Expansion of individual energy to cosmic energy

Upasana Meditation

From misery to happiness, From bondage to liberation

Transcendental Meditation

It opens awareness to the infinite reservoir of energy, creativity, and intelligence that lies deep within everyone.

Kundalini Meditation

Inside you there is a soul which obeys no boundary & no limit. It is as pure & bright as God.

In YSK our teachings of meditationbased on various types mainly; Upasana meditation, Transcendental meditation, Kundalini meditation, and also focuses on specific techniques of meditations like, Mindfulness, Mantra, Progressive, Movement, Focused, Spiritual, Love & Kindness etc…

Dynamic Yoga

YSK helps us in another form to connect the body, mind & spirit!

Dhyana –Meditation

YSK provides a special technique for Meditation to improve to balance mind & body

Yoga & Naturopathy Workshops

Our approach on alternative health system is Naturopathy.