Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic Breathing, Strong & Flowing Movement

YSK helps us in another form to connect the body, mind & spirit! Dynamic Yoga is a unique combination of dynamic breathing, strong & flowing movement which creates a high heat, high energy workout..

We at YSK, choreographed our specific sequences of postures that build strength, improve breathing and helps to maintain healthy internal organs. Our style of dynamic yoga is a lively style of yoga & we focuses on the union of body mind &spirit. It assumes that the body reflects our spiritual & Mental state at the time of practice!

Since, when the body is in balanced state,we are able to feel empowered & live a life of purpose & joy.

Dynamic yoga focuses on flexibility, breath control, stamina & strength. It also helps to gain clarity & greater body-mind-spirit awareness.


Flexibility is the key to stability!

Breath Control

The quality of our breath expresses our inner feelings

Improve Stamina

The flow of postures followed by the rhythm of breath improves stamina


Mastering the self is the real strength!

Benefits of Dynamic practices:

  • Improves breathing .
  • Strengthens connective tissues
  • Calms the mind .
  • Alleviates stress
  • Realigns the spine
Dynamic Yoga

YSK helps us in another form to connect the body, mind & spirit!

Dhyana –Meditation

YSK provides a special technique for Meditation to improve to balance mind & body

Yoga & Naturopathy Workshops

Our approach on alternative health system is Naturopathy.