3 Days Yoga Retreat

3 Days Yoga Retreat

Discover Your Soul
3 Days Yoga Retreat

YSK provides the holistic approach of good health by yoga retreat programs. A holistic yoga practice and lifestyle does not include only physical yoga practices. It also includes spiritual practices to improve the equanimity of mind &body. It also helps to understanding the self, condition of the body & mind in a better way. The retreat programs focus on encouraging health, reducing stress& anxiety, improving calmness.

Yoga aims at creating balance and restoring the natural condition of a healthy body & mind.




Mantra chanting


Nature walks

Ayurvedic massage

Facial yoga

Nature food preparation

Therapeutic consultancy

Shared Room

Stay + Food + Yoga + Hiking + Ayurveda Massage

Single Room (Non AC)

Stay + Food + Yoga + Hiking + Ayurveda Massage

Single Room (AC)

Stay + Food + Yoga + Hiking + Ayurveda Massage

Taking Yoga Beyond
The Mat Training

Our belief is that Yoga is a way of life; with its five components; Nourishing diet, activities for relaxation, thought process, right attitude should be adopted to promote overall Champion of Health. Wealways focus to obtain the goal of Moksha-freedom. Since, Yoga is the field within which they will work. By observing the laws of action & reaction, The laws of cause-effect relationship, within that limited spectrum. For the yogi the entire universe and everything in it is his field of research!

Happy Testimonials

Feedback from Yoga Retreat Participants, 100 Hours, 200 Hours and 300 Hours students of Yoga School of Kerala. Thanks to All Our Students and Guests.